I would like to know the advantages & disadvantages of migrating my application to DB2 connect from the MQ architecture.

Our application accesses over 50 different tables for generating over 12 different XML layouts for almost every "account view" request. I am thinking over the possibility of separating out each layout into distinct stored procedures so that they can be accessed via DB2 connect.

Our application receives around 300,000 "account view" requests/day.

Before even getting into the research of how suitable it would be for our application, I wanted to hear from the experts in this forum what they think would be upside & downside of making this shift.

Basic thoughts :
Upside :
Cutting down on expense on CICS.
Cutting down on MQ processing.
Faster response time.

Downside :
Limitation on the amount of data transfer/message using DB2 connect.
Limitation on the number of parallel threads that can be processed.
A possible increase in the DB2 expense.

All possible thoughts, advise, suggestions are most welcome.