We are using Mysql as our backend. We had been using a combo of sql server and mysql. For ETL we had MS DTS and SSIS which work very well. I started with SSIS and actually learned DTS second. I'm just curious as to what others use for mysql and ETL. We'd like to go open source, but if the features can't compare to MS or the price is high then I don't see the point. Free would be ideal. So far I've looked into CloverETL, Taland and Pentaho Kettle, but not to a very detailed point yet.

Being able to move data is most important obviously but here are some features I use in DTS/SSIS that I don't really want to lose.

1. Ability to use custom code.
2. Execute an external process.
3. Connect to legacy systems with ODBC.
4. Logging ability.
5. Built in tasks for row count, adding columns, conditional splits.

Any input is appreciated.