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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

    Good afternoon. I use MS SQL Server 2005.

    I want to make <scalar-valued functions> in MS SQL Server Management Studio. So I choose the item - /Databases/test/Programmability/Functions/Scalar-valued Functions - in Object Explorer window of MS SQL Server Management Studio.

    And click mouse right button, then New scalar-valued Function... Now editted the sql and saved to *.sql file.

    But can't use the functions... No functions I editted was registerd in <Object Explorer> window of MSSSMS.(Functions was saved *.sql in my hard drive, but no display in my <object explorer> window. so i can't use it in View queries...)

    Please tell me how to make the <scalar-valued functions> and to use it with MS SQL Server Management Studio.

    Thank you...

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    Try executing the SQL after the function is written (f5). No need to save it. You might have to right-click on Scalar-Valued functions and click Refresh to see the function in that list immediately..


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