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    Unanswered: Having trouble restoring SQL database - user permissions issue?


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    Hi all

    I'm trying to create a new database with an external backup someone created for me.

    I'm using:
    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express v9.0
    SQL server 2005

    And following this tutorial:
    How to backup and restore database on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 | Linglom's Blog

    When i try to specify the backup location, i get the following error:

    Now, i think my SQL service account has access to the path, so it should work, right?

    At a loss for what to do next. Driving me nuts
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    Move the backup file to some other location (say the root of c:\), and see if you can read from the backup file there. Commonly it is a spelling mistake of some sort in the path.

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