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    Unanswered: odbc call failed in ms access 2007


    I just finished the migration of one database from ms access 2003 to ms access 2007 but i have a problem. When I clicked on the "delete button" I'm getting this error:

    ODBC -call failed
    [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]
    The delete statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "tblIndivMatMerk_FK00". The conflict occurred in database ewzEnergie, table "dbo.tblIndivMatMerk", column 'KursNR'. (#547)[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server] The statement has been terminated. (#3621)

    does anybody have any idea why?
    what' strange is, if I clicked on the box and clicked again the "delete button" then it will ask me if I really would like to delete the record.
    But if I just click somewhere in the form then I'm getting this error.
    please help

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    delete & recreate that link from scratch

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    Sounds like you got a weird link setup - check your links and relationships and the ones that do and don't cascade delete. You can't delete a record if it's linked to another record and the cascade Delete is unchecked in the relational diagram (ie. it won't cascade delete and you'll get an error.) - you have to delete the record in the relational table first.

    If you've got multiple relationships setup, then look at each one which would affect the deleting and make sure you know what records in which tables need to be deleted BEFORE you delete the record you're trying to delete.

    An overly complex relational diagram will make finding this challenging so try to keep these simple.
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