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    Unanswered: upload file into SQL Manager

    I have a sql file with a few tables and I want to import it into SQL Manager, but without connecting to the server (I'm working locally), can it be done?

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    I don't know what a "sql file with a few tables" is - is it a data file or a .sql script file?
    I don't know what "SQL Manager" is - do you mean Enterprise Manager?
    I also don't know what you mean by import either - could you explain please?
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    .sql is a script file containing a few tables

    EMS SQL Manager for MySQL is a software program which looks pretty cool (but I'm no expert)

    import means.... well, import into the abovementioned software

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
    ...EMS SQL Manager for MySQL is a software program which looks pretty cool (but I'm no expert)...
    You mean MySQL, the free - as long as Oracle allows it to be - database? This is the forum for paying customers of MS SQL Server.
    Wrong forum.

    Free software? Nah, not for us. Can't be worth more than you pay for it.
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