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    Unanswered: Bound to an unknown field???


    I have just added a control to a form called Status as a combo box with 4 items that could be selected, which pull down when the box dropdown is slected... But when i try to select one I get a ding and in the bottom left it says:

    Control cannot be edited; its bound to a unknown field 'Status';

    Now Status is a field in my database i can run querrys based on it with no problem.

    I have also noticed that a few other controls have #Name? in the field when i pull up the form. I assume its for the same reason the status isnt working but I can figure out why its all going wrong.

    any insite?

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    Are you using Bound fields that is you have set the record source of the form as a table or a query?

    You will have #Name displayed if the control source of a bound field is not a field name in the record source of your form.

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