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    Unanswered: Getting the CUBE right

    Using a SQL-server 2000 view I'm tyring to get a cube right, but my limitations really prevent me from truly understanding cubes.

    The view contains (amongst others)

    Car Regno, Regno subno, Regno prefix, date, kilometres, Workshop No., Parkering no

    Basically what I want

    Is Car regno, regno subno, regnoprefix and the sum of miles per workshop, so that I have the different workshops as column headers alongside the regnos

    I'll be browsing the net tyring to figure it out, but if yu'd care to help, I'd appreciate it a lot.

    Cheers, T
    IT squid: networks, servers, firewalls, routers and I dabble a little with SQL-server and Access as well....

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    Hi Trinsan,

    I have a blog article to maybe assist you with your question:

    Blog - SQL Server Programmers - Summarizing Data with CUBE and ROLLUP

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