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    Unanswered: some questions about Sybase BCP

    I need to migrate a Sybase db (ASE 15.0.2) to a new Sybase server (ASE 15.0.3) :

    1. I know Sybase has bcp, but does Sybase also have a utility program similar to MS SQL Server DTS ?
    2. Will bcp fire the triggers of the destination server tables ?

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    1. No, there isn't a Sybase equivilent for DTS.
    2. Triggers are not fired via bcp - but note that bcping into tables with triggers or indexes can result in big log files. If you are bcping a huge number of rows, dropping triggers and indexes first is advised.

    Hope this helps,

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    2) You could always first bcp into a table that has no indexes (a transfer table). Then you could insert the data from here into your main table which would then call the triggers you have set up.

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