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    Unhappy Unanswered: Newbie Question: Setting up Auditing, increasing System Table Size

    I am new to any sort of database work, and since I wasn't able to find a good answer on google, I may have the Sybase fundamentals wrong. The way I understand it, you have devices, on which there are segments, and these segments have tables attached to them. Databases consist of tables, and therefore consist of segments and devices as well.

    With this being my understanding, I'm trying to implement auditing. I sort of followed the Sybase System Admin Guide, with some improvisation along the way (I had to use a script called instsecu to install auditing) I've got the sybsecurity database up and running, and I've got a two devices, auditdev, and auditdevlog, both of which are plenty big (100+ MB). On the auditdev device I have 8 segments, aud_seg_01 thru aud_seg_08. Then I've got 8 system tables, sysaudits_01 thru sysaudits_08, on each of the corresponding segments mentioned before. Auditing is up and working, and I thought it was going well, but there are several things that have me baffled.

    First, my devices are huge, but the segments are showing as only being 12 MB in Sybase Central. I don't remember setting a size for the segments when I did sp_addaudittable "default", so I was hoping they would automatically expand. It doesn't appear they do. To make things more confusing, my system tables (sysaudits_01 thru 08) aren't getting bigger to even fill their segments. More confusing still, sysaudits_01 at least gets to 5 MB before auditing moves to sysaudits_02, but from there, the tables only get to 64 kb before moving to the next one. On top of it, after sysaudits_01 filled, auditing moved to 02 like I hoped it would, but after 08 got filled, it wrapped around and erased and started filling 02 instead of 01.

    I realize this is a huge post, but Sybase is SO confusing to me. I guess the underlying issue is I don't understand how space is allocated and how to allocate more. The way I see it is I want to increase the size of my system tables, but from google searching, it seems clear that that's a silly question and I don't understand how things work.

    If anyone can answer any part of my questions, I would really appreciate it.
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