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    Unanswered: Table in use by another user...

    Hi all,
    I'm a newbie, but really need assistance asap. A Paradox database set up by someone years ago connected to tables on a server for many years. We have moved to a new server and tested the connection prior to GoLive with my logon id.

    Now, after GoLive, I have a 'table is being used by another...' error, and cannot get any of the tables to open. Since this is a critical app, we copied tables to the local C: temporarily to produce two reports, and it worked fine.

    Please advise asap, as I've tried everything I can think of (which is limited, since I'm no Paradox guru)...

    Any advice?
    Thanks so much in advance.

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    download remlok32 from the Diamond Software Downloads area on my web site.. use it to delete all lock and net files.. you should be fine.. if not, let us know..
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