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    Unanswered: Paradox 10 window (re) size

    I made something in paradox 10, years ago.
    Now changes are needed.
    This went well, BUT the form windows have to be resized, they must be made bigger.
    I can't manage this nor bigger, nor smaller.

    I tried:
    - opening form
    - design form
    - changing size by mouse

    In the object explorer FullSize and Size change while changing size by mouse.
    In front of FullSize is a locked symbol. Manual change that size is not possible.

    Does somebody know a/the solution?


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    you'll get quicker support at the paradox community website.. Home - Paradox Community
    Steven Green - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA

    Oasis Trading Post
    - Collectibles and Memorabilia
    - Vintage Lego Sets and Supplies
    - and Paradox Support, too

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