I am working on PowerBuilder 8.x. There is one start date and end date field with edit mask to accommodate date format. The functionality is when the user enter valid start date, end date to be populated with next years value e.g. start date is 12/12/2010 then end date would be 12/11/2011 in lost focus of start date. Now when i enter valid start date and tab out from start date and enter into end date the it is showing 00/00/0000 in end date field. But when I tab out from end date then it is showing the calculated end date value. Again when I clicked on End date the date value changed to 00/00/0000 from end date value. Is it possible to make the end date as 12/11/2011 instead of 00/00/0000 when I first tab out from start date with valid date value and also when I clicked the end date field where there is valid end date value?