Question: Is it possible to setup any type of CDC (Asynchronous or Synchronous) on a Physical Standby database (version

Background: In our Oracle Data Warehouse environment where we need to provide up-to-the-second "operational" reporting against a Physical Standby database ( as the production application database owners do not permit direct reporting against the Primary database (same version);

The complication is that although the Physical Standby database will serve the purpose of a 'syncronized' version of the Primary database by giving us a current-state view of the data, we require more detailed change data capture on certain tables to audit change history between the points we extract data for the Data Warehouse.

The DBAs do not want to set-up CDC on the Primary database, so is it possible to setup Asynchronous CDC on a Physical Standby database?

Anyone done it before?
Any issues?
Any alternatives?

Any early help would be much appreciated.