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    Unanswered: creating a procedure for a package (dbms_output.put_line)

    i want to use printf instead of dbms_output.put_line in my Pl/SQL program.
    plz chk .its not working

    create procedure printf (a varchar2) as
    set a = dbms_output.put_line;

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    What does 'plz chk .its not working' mean? As the code you posted is not valid in Oracle, I doubt it shows this terrible text.

    Anyway, as PL/SQL code runs on Oracle server, it has no ability to display anything. It may at most fill DBMS_OUTPUT buffer by calling its PUT_LINE method. The client program may display its content then, if it is able and configured to do so.
    In SQL*Plus, it is possible after setting SERVEROUTPUT ON.
    In SQL Developer, it is available on "DBMS Output" tab after enabled by a button.
    The same principle is available in TOAD; the tab may be named slightly differently though.
    I have no idea, whether it is implemented in any other client (Forms reports, JDBC, OCCI, ...). It may be done manually by calling DBMS_OUTPUT.GET_LINE You may find more about it in Oracle documentation.
    By the way, what are clients you plan to use?

    [Add: As PRINTF is supposed to call DBMS_OUTPUT, what is the difference then? Do you suppose, it will display more than DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE? Anyway, you should call PUT_LINE correctly there. ]
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    You should have written:
    create procedure printf (a varchar2) as
    Personally, I wouldn't name it "printf" as that suggests it does the sort of formatting that C's printf does; it doesn't.

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