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    Unanswered: Time to Money

    I am working on a small volunteer database and would like to have a form where the volunteers time is copied and then can be drawn upon in the form of purchases.

    For example;, Jack does 40 hours of volunteer work and now has $40 to spend. Jack will buy $5 of stuff and now has $35 to spend. Later he does 5 more hours of work and the bank is back up to $40 and his total volunteer hours are 45.

    Is this feasible? Are there any examples in the code bank that ya'll know of?

    This is in Access 2000.

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    I don't know if there are examles in the codebank, personally I doubt it, as the code bank is about chunks of code which help in specific circumstances rather than complete applciations.

    if you are looking for applications then do a google search

    this application seems relatively small and relatively easy to develop in Access assuming you have the correct skills, tools, experience and perhaps most important mindset

    the main issue is going to be how you allow the volunteer to rack up credits AND how you record when the volunteer has expended those credits. that means familiarity with SQL
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