Hi, I am using SSAS to create a cube. I have a parent-child dimension. The dimension table has 3 fields a) ParentID b) NodeKey and c) NodeID. The fact table has 2 fields a) NodeID and b) Data. In the dimension, the ParentID serves as a parent, and the NodeKey is the key attribute. In the data source view I am linking the fact table's NodeID to the dimension table's NodeID. In the cube, under "Dimension Usage" I have selected the dimension table's NodeID as "Granularity Attribute". I get a warning message that I will have to make sure that all other attributes must be related to this attribute. I can see in the "Dimension structure" that the NodeID is related to the NodeKey attribute already. After processing the cube, the data is not aggregated though I can see the dimension hierarchy properly. What am I missing?