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    Unanswered: empty labels on NoData cases

    Hi everyone..

    It goes like this, I have a report that includes 5 subreports.
    If one or more of the subreports has NoData it disappears, wich is great! only the problem is, I get a lot of empty Labels, which means a lot of empty stickers coming out of the printer..
    Please help... I already tryed the CanShrink property.

    thanks a lot

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    may be best to run the query before calling the report to test how many labels are queued for printing, and if its 0 don't print the report. you coudl do that by using a form which calls the report if data is found, or put the query in the main reports on open event or similar.

    another approach may be to cancel printing in the nodata event, how this works with sub reports I don't know, it works fine with a report
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    thanks a lot for your response

    But how do i cancel the printing? it seems like my NoData event doesn't realy respond anything...
    where axactly am i suppose to write the canceling, in the report or the sub report? becouse if it's on the sub report, how does the main report knows it suppose to shrink?

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