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    Unanswered: MS access Gui

    how can i make a gui for ms access without having to use java to access Access. i was thinking if access has built in gui maker if so can someone give me a tutorial or link me to one?

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    In Access, go to the Help menu and choose Microsoft Access Help. You should see either training or a tutorial, depending on your version. Both are free and come straight from MS.

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    y'can't use Java to access Access

    you can use MS Access to create a front end for virtually any datastorage mechansim...
    whether thats other applications like Excel, flat files,
    other PC db's (including Filemaker, dBase, JET (what many people mistakenly call Access
    server backends like MS SQL, Oracel, IBM, MySQL or whatever..
    if there is an ODBC driver for it then you can use the datastorage in MS Access

    so if you have a copy of MS Access then you will be able to crearte an Access fornt end to virtually anything you care to sling at Access.

    if you want tutorial try MSDN or even Google
    if you want to develop seriously in Access get a decent text such as Access developer handbook
    otherwise do what most Access newbies do and dive into Access and satrt designing 'stuff'.. its no bad thing to do that, especially if you also look at the Northwind traders db that comes with most Access installations. hwoever I would strongly advise against just diving in if you intend on relying on that design for use in live code. Access is easy to pick up, but like lots of easy to pick up tools its easy to pick up bad habits which can be a problem to design out afterwards.

    not least of Access vices is the temptations to design the tables/entities as you go along
    another 'gotcha' is the seductive pull of using bound forms and controls.. never a good idea unless the app is designed for a very limited number of users
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    MS Access GUI

    To add a bit. Access is all about the GUI; its one of its most powerful features. Anyone who has tried working with a Java GUI can attest to the comparative simplicity (and ease of development) of Access' GUI.

    One proviso: The GUI really isn't built for the Web (including Data Access Pages), in my opinion. I personally like Java Server Pages for web-based database access.


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