I am using GridViewand bounding values from 2 tables. tbl_login and tbl_register.
In tbl_register Table the Field is UserName
In tbl_login Table the Field is Active(yes/no field)
I used this command to show the fields into the gridview.
SELECT tbl_createuser.UserName, tbl_createuser.Role, tbl_login.Active FROM (tbl_createuser INNER JOIN tbl_login ON tbl_createuser.UserID = tbl_login.UserID1) ORDER BY tbl_createuser.RegistrationDate DESC
Initially when the user register, his account is inactive. The admin only wants to make the account active.
After showing the fields in gridview, how to make it editable, initially all the Active Field is unchecked, so when the admin checks it, it must be updated to the database?
Any ideas regarding this?