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    Unanswered: Lookup Column or a better way?

    So as part of my work to try to clean up my orginzation's database and make it more accurate, well as much as it's going to get I'd like to convert a couple of column's into lookup tables.

    We have two fields i'm specifically looking at right now, First is the STATE field. The prior administrator limited it down to two charaters, and you have to manually enter the information. I'm thinking it might be helpful to turn this into a lookup column, so that you can select the state or province as nessasary.

    Second is the county field, i made this into a value list to help but i'm thinking a lookup table might be better here as well (say if i could use the "FIPS" codes for the counties instead of having to spell each one out, but could use a drop-down to select the right county by name).

    Is my thinking right here?

    When i try to make the state field into a lookup column, it automatically changes the type to "number" and promptly deletes all my information. I found a website at one time that went into the specifics of how to do all this, but i have list the link.


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    depends how you intend implimentting the lookup
    if you use a separate table then fine
    if you use the Access column lookup wizsard then not fine.

    the reason
    changes to the underlying data in the column lookup wizard require changes to he db, changes to a table require the suer to enter new data.
    there are other problems with the column wizard when used in queires.

    the cilumn wizard works if you know all outcomes on day one.

    its not clever if the data changes, or if your uses decide that they need more than one column in the 'lookup'
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