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    Unanswered: identifying unused datafiles....

    Hi guys.....Using Oracle 9i.

    Is it possible to identify unused datafiles in a tablespace....e.g.,

    If a tablespace contains 20 datafiles which have grown over 4 years, can it be told, when each of those 20 datafiles was last accessed or how frequently?


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    It would be something you'd have to have enabled manually.

    The DBMS just isn't going to capture years of data without human intervention. While it can be helpful for optimizing storage to keep volatility statistics for a few months, long term historical data would only be useful for specific purposes. So if you were going to record it, you'd have to have a specific reason why to guide precisely what you stored.

    The OS also doesn't store that kind of information.

    The only way this might be stored accidentally is if you have some old rman (or other backup utility) logs you could mine for information.

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