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    Unanswered: How to handle a Memo field when exporting to Excel?

    I have a Memo field in which a user can type in anything. When the user only enters a date, e.g. 9/30/2009, when I export to Excel, this becomes a number, "40886".

    I used code to export to Excel, and I have already set the number format to "Text"...but it still somehow converts the date in a Memo to a number.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    First off, I have to ask; why would you have a memo field with only a date in it? You can make your life easier if you can switch this to a DATE/TIME type field.

    If you can't make this switch, then consider using a type conversion function to force the type of field you want (i.e. string, date, whatever). This has worked for me in the past when I wanted a date passed as a string, not as a date (long story why I needed it to in that situation).
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