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Thread: MDF Corruption

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    Red face Unanswered: MDF Corruption

    Hello everyone,

    While writing to the SQL Server database, I might encounter the below error
    “Error 823
    I/O error <error> detected during <operation> at offset <offset> in file
    This error message may occur every time when I start SQL Server and access
    the MDF file.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do a DBCC CheckDB if DB has started.

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    Re: MDF Corruption

    Use DBCC CHECKDB command to check any logical errors in the database. It is an in-built command in SQL Server to fix application level errors. Else you have to use SQL Database Recovery software to scan the corrupted database and recover all the inaccessible data from it. I hope your problem will be resolved by using DBCC CHECKBD Command otherwise use Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software.

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    Before using any third party application, which may or may not work IMO, use the built-in DBCC CheckDB. Run:

    DBCC CheckDB with ALL_ERRORMSGS, NO_INFOMSGS and post the result set back here. Do not run any of the repair options until someone can look at the results and determine the next best course of action. Did you check the event viewer on the server to see if it's throwing up any disk i/o issues? That's usually the main cause of corruption.

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    Did you get this figured out? Message me if you need any help.

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