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    Unanswered: Setting causing browser lockups?

    Ok so here is the issue. For some reason on any site I have that has a good portion of pictures (therefore causing higher load time) wants to lock up if I click on links inside the site before it is allowed to load fully! This eventually of course results in a PHP timeout after the designated time i set.

    Currently using :::

    PHP 5.2.11 ----- ISAPI ----- MYSQL 5

    Is there a setting in MYSQL or even PHP perhaps that would stop this from occurring when links are clicked before page load has finished?

    Thankies for any help!

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    I'd have thought that if its
    a browser timeout
    then the setting is more likely to be in the browser.....

    you need to establish why the requested information isn't being sent in time.

    it maybe that you need to pay for a better ISP to store the data on
    are your pictures stored as urls or as blobs in the db. there could be a performance hit if they are blobs.
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