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    Question Unanswered: MS Access 2002 doesn't ask for username & password

    I have a database which is being used by several people. I ran the Security Wizard to set up admin & user permissions, simply to keep people from making design changes. I set up usernames and passwords for everyone. Access does not ask for username or password on startup, and I no longer have admin rights. I did some digging and tried copying the database file to set myself up as the owner (still didn't have admin rights) and tried importing the existing database to a new one (wouldn't let me because I don't have permission). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    In empty NEW ONE, try..
    ? SysCmd (acSysCmdGetWorkgroupFile)
    C:\Documents and Settings\...\Microsoft\Access\your_SECURE.MDW
    if you are using your_SECURE.MDW
    ? CurrentUser
    Admin.....on NON-SECURE mdb on Me
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    If you've implemented MSAccess security, you need to use a shortcut with the new embedded mdw file that was created when you implemented security. The MDW file that get's created when implementing MSAccess security is tricky. It initially get's created in a buried folder (on your c: drive) and you need to find that mdw file and copy it to the network directory (usually where the mdb file is located.) And then make your shortcut refer to it using the correct location of the mdw file on the network drive. Then when you open the shortcut, it knows the correct location of the mdw file to implement security (that can be accessed by ALL users). (keep in mind that other users don't see YOUR c: drive and hence, the mdw file needs to be copied to a central location for all other users to see when they open the shortcut.)

    Make sure your shortcut is configured correctly with the parameter of the mdw file (referring to the mdw in the correct networked location.)

    And DON'T lose the mdw file you created. Once Access security is implemented, the mdw file becomes the KEY file and you can easily lose permissions to an mdb (to do anything) if you've lost the mdw file!! It's a critical file once security is implemented and without it, you've essentially locked your mdb file. That's why Access security is a touchy thing. I can't stress enough finding the mdw file you created when you implemented security and using that in your shortcut!!

    If you need help with the mdw file, there's a file in the code bank which let's you open an mdw file and look at all the users (along with their passwords). It basically 'cracks' mdw files. (and hence, one reason I don't use MSAccess security.) I personally like to do something like this: which is actually coded in the mdb and doesn't need a mdw file.
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