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    Very Large Database Table

    Hi All,

    I have only basic database knowledge but am trying to persue a mathematical experiment of mine. To do so requires a large database table and a number of relatively simple queries running off it.

    The difficulty is that the table requires about 200 Trillion records.

    Is this feasible?
    what database system would work best?
    are there hardware issues with running something this big?

    I would appreciate any feedback on this.


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    Instead of 200 trillion, call it 2^48, and if records (including overhead) are 512 bytes (2^9) so back of the envelope math is that you need 2^57 bytes of storage, just for the data. That's 128 petabytes of storage, at $100,000 for a petabyte of data, you're going to be looking at a budget of some multiple of $10,000,000. (I don't know how much the backup, indexing, data warehouse, etc. will cost since I don't really know what you're trying to do.)

    Now, here's the question I have: are you actually trying to store that much data, or if it's just mathematical, can you just calculate it on the fly?

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