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    Unanswered: How to Allocate a Saperate Tablespace for Stored Procedure and Views


    Can i create a seprate Tablespace for Stored Procedure and Views in Oracle 9i & 10g . Like tables.
    if yes then how we will write a script to allocate a Seprate tablespace to view and Stored Procedure give me example.
    and if no then how i would know that which tablespace is getting allocated for Stored procedure and Views in oracle schema.

    Need help on urgent

    Thanks in advance

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    >Need help on urgent
    Why is it urgent for me to answer these questions for you?
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    I know it is not urgent for you.

    Mistakly i use the word urgent i Apology for that.

    but i need your suggestion on above question that is it possible to allocate the tablespace for stored Procedure and Views like table or not.


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    No. For your second question, what about having a look into Database Concepts book? It is available with other Oracle documentation e.g. online on

    Some interesting parts from the one for 10gR2:

    [Edit: formulation corrected]

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