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    Question Unanswered: inserting into parent from child

    hi everyone,
    I have two object types tt and under_tt, under_tt was created under tt, both having corresponding object tables tt_tab and uner_tt_tab.
    i already hav some objects in under_tt_tab, i want to these object into tt_tab.
    this is what i tried with oracle 10g, but doesnt work:

    Create or replace procedure test as
    v under_tt_tab%rowtype;
    Cursor cur_sample is
    Select * from under_tt_tab ;
    open cur_sample;
    fetch cur_sample into v;
    exit when cur_sample%notfound;
    insert into tt_tab values(under_tt(v.bno, v.bname, v.mi, v.blo));
    end loop;

    description of tables:
    tt= bno, bname
    under_tt = bno,bname,mi,blo

    please show me how to insert into tt using substitutable feature of oracle 10g

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    > insert into tt_tab values(under_tt(v.bno, v.bname, v.mi, v.blo));
    Since TT_TAB contains only 2 fields, what should be done with the "extra" fields in UNDER_TT_TAB in statement above?

    Why are you messing with object tables to begin with; especially when it appears you do not know how to properly manipulate them?

    Why not use regular heap tables?
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