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    Unanswered: Return Dates in a Range

    I am trying to return a list of the dates that are found in date ranges in a result set.

    For example, I have a reservations table that has a res_start column and a res_end column. I want to run a query that returns all the dates that fall into any of the ranges returned. Is this possible?

    Important: I don't want to return a range, I want all the individual dates that fall in any of the ranges. I am using the dates in an availability table.

    Thanks for any direction you can give.

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    see this thread and create a numbers table with as many numbers as the longest date range

    then change the query as follows --
    SELECT r.res_start + INTERVAL n DAY AS my_date
      FROM reservations AS r
      JOIN numbers
     WHERE r.somekey = somevalue -- THIS LINE IS IMPORTANT
       AND r.res_start + INTERVAL n DAY <= r.res_end
    the line marked important is where you select which reservation you want to generate the dates for | @rudydotca
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    ...and from your numbers table you can create a calendar table too
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