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    Unanswered: DB2 error SQL3525N while import from AIX to Windows

    Hello All,

    Im trying to import all the IXF and MSG files that i have exported from AIX db2, however this error occured while importing to Windows in every tables. Hope you can help me.

    SQL3104N The Export utility is beginning to export data to file "tab436.ixf".

    SQL3105N The Export utility has finished exporting "20421" rows.

    SQL3150N The H record in the PC/IXF file has product "DB2 02.00", date
    "20091223", and time "144728".

    SQL3050W Conversions on the data will be made between the IXF file code page
    "819" and the application code page "1252".

    SQL3153N The T record in the PC/IXF file has name "tab436.ixf", qualifier "",
    and source " ".

    SQL3109N The utility is beginning to load data from file "tab436.ixf".

    SQL3525N The "CODEPAGE" option is incompatible with the "LOBSINFILE" option.

    SQL3110N The utility has completed processing. "0" rows were read from the
    input file.

    thanks in advance

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    with ixf the codepage has bee saved in export file - I presume this can be removed
    lobsinfile has to be specified if lobs file are being used
    see : IMPORT - IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
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    At the time you import LOB data specifying the LOBSINFILE file type modifier, the server code page should be the same as the page of database code else, SQL3525N error is returned: the CODEPAGE option is incompatible with the LOBSINFILE option.
    So in order to solve out this very situation
    Use the DB2 load utility.
    If your IMPORT command is:
    import from myfile.ixf of ixf replace into mytable
    then you can try using the following command:
    load from myfile.ixf of ixf modified by codepage=1208 replace into mytable

    For more info about DB2 database error solution you can visit:
    DB2 Database Repair

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    Thanks for all your replies

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