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    Unanswered: Limit for subforms?


    What is the limit for the number of subforms that can go in a single form?

    I have a form with a tab control on it, with 6 tabs, and a subform on each tab, and another subform off to the side, for a total of 7 subforms......I thought it was okay until I went back in to modify something, and everything I click on in this form is very slow. Did I do too much? Should I try another way?

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    7 levels of subforms, 754 controls/sections over the life of the form
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    the theoretical limit for subforms - - and slowness - - are 2 different issues won't be limited by the theory ...

    a tabbed form/page calls all the data. so even if one hasn't clicked on tabs 2-7 - all that data is being called. that may be making it slow.

    what you can do is to set the record source of those subforms dynamically when you click on the tab. that will pull data with each click and not the whole kahuna upfront...

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