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    Unanswered: access and geographical program

    Hello everyone,

    in an Access 2003 database, I store a range of information about points of interest; for each point, the stored information includes the address (city, street, street), telephone number, type, degree of use, etc..

    By consulting Google Maps to search for one of these points, I have the idea of associating in the database the necessary information to return visually the location of the point on Google Maps. I could insert in a form the webbrowser activex, and to send to it the parameters for navigation within the site and the correct display of the point.
    Of course, the display may be more points, maybe passing the filtered upstream of those of a given city, and so on.

    I wonder if it could be the opposite, To insert the point of interest graphically on maps, and store the Maps geographical identifiers in Access for later use.

    Can someone give me some tips for use in this sense Google Maps (or other mapping systems), perhaps with some example files to study?

    Many thanks, Dani

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    There is an API specifically for interacting with Google Maps. It's very simple to do rudimentary mapping. All you need to do is register with google and then follow the API documentation:

    Google Maps API Concepts - Google Maps API - Google Code

    Note that I haven't tried this from within Access so I'm not sure about any javascript manipulation problems you may encounter.

    Also note that there are some restrictions to using the google maps api that might cause problems if you're not hosting this on a website. You'll need to check that out to be sure. You can always go old school and use querystring parameters if nothing else.
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    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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