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    Check out this product, Modrocko's Really Easy Data Objects, at

    It's really is easy to use.

    I cut and pasted some of their marketing material below:

    Data access made really easy for your .NET applications.

    - Build your applications rapidly

    - Code more, test less

    - Easily maintain your structured code

    - Reduce your reliance on data access technologies

    Interact with your SQL Server databases in a highly component and object-oriented approach. Its easy to access and save data from your application using this intuitive, object-relational mapping framework.

    - Create your data layer in minutes
    - Easily customize your generated data objects
    - Save loads of time- well generate your SQL code at runtime
    - Learn rapidly from the samples library
    - Benefit from robust exception handling and logging
    - Troubleshoot your code with useful diagnostics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd_Clarke View Post
    I cut and pasted some of their marketing material below:
    Gee, thanks.

    So, looking at custom queries.

       // Build the where clause based on column name for the searched     
       // attribute along with the specified zip codes.
        string whereClause = string.Format("{0} in {1}",
           string.Join(",", zipCodes));
          /* Note:
        * The where clause could be written this way for better readability.
        * However, this is less dynamic then the approach above as it relates
        * directly to the column name versus the attribute.
        *    string whereClause = string.Format("PostalCode in {0}",
        *       string.Join(",", zipCodes));     */
          // Perform the load for the specified where clause
    Okay, so, in this example, I'm actually building the where clause entirely by hand. Basically, the moment I step outside the little box of "really easy" I wind up generating my own SQL.

    Yes, it is possible for a sql generator to assist the programmer in generating complex custom SQL, prevent against SQL injection, and do it without mucking about with strings.

    I mean, with Modrocko's it looks like mapping a class to a table is really easy. But when that inevitably doesn't work very well, you force the person to fall back to regular SQL.

    I'm not a big fan of ORMs to begin with, but I'm baffled as to how it is worth $130 to have something write the most basic SQL code, and then get in the way of writing slightly more complex queries.

    I've seen standard database drivers that do more than your product. For $130, I'd hope I could do custom DDL or import an entire database schema, and handle inheritance hierarchies. You know, actually have control over my database.

    Maybe in version 2.0?

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    Joining a bunch of forums, then showing your marketing material as if you were a happy customer tends to leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. I'd suggest you wait until you actually get some satisfied customers, then let them write in independantly.

    I wasn't sure whether to delete this as spam or just move it to marketing - I moved it in the end.


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