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    Exclamation Unanswered: how to update a record !!

    Hello I have two tables dev_temp, prod_temp.

    need to updata a single column of dev_temp from similar column of prod_temp but the thing is that the i got two similar records in dev_temp but need to update their columns with different values of prod_temp .

    data in dev_temp

    cre_ts acct_ref_no ofr_id reward_ofr_id
    null 1111 99 999
    null 2222 89 899

    data in prod_temp

    cre_ts acct_ref_no ofr_id reward_ofr_id
    8/21/209 1111 99 999
    10/11/2009 2222 89 899

    I want to upate cre_ts of dev_temp with cre_ts of prod_temp corresponding values - but i am getting the same cre_ts value as 10/11/2009 for both the records of dev_temp .

    can any one help me.

    thanks /mike

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    What does your update statement look like?

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    Cool A wild guess...

    Let me guess...Maybe you forgot to add a condition to your update?
    UPDATE MyTable
      SET Cr_ts = ...etc..
     WHERE ????
    HINT: If you do not limit the update, each changed value from the SET= query will modify ALL values in yout table.
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