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    Unanswered: Enter Parameter Value

    Hi all,

    I've got a parameter value box coming up everytime I open a report. The query does not produce this when it is opened separately. What is strange, is that it's asking for the value of my main table (1admin_tbl.rcdno). I've not changed anything in the table apart from 1 date field that has gone from a Now() general date to a date() short date. However, this was done before the queries and reports were made. Thanks in advance

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    Sounds like your report is trying to pull a field you haven't make explicitly available to it. You will need to open your Report Data Source within the report design view and make sure all the fields it's trying to pull are not only selected (shown in the columns under the table window), but, are also checked as "Show".

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    yep; your report has a control on it that has that record source......and it isn't finding it when it opens.....perhaps the underlying query was altered....

    you need to find and delete that control.....

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    Thanks guys, got it fixed. It actually turned out to be the "order by" property of the report that was bringing up the enter parameter value. Once i cleared the field, the report opened without the enter parameter value box and was fine!

    What gets me, is how on earth it got there to begin with, as I wouldnt have set anything up there as there was no need.

    Anywho, it's all sorted, so thanks for the help

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