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    newbie creating tables

    I am designing a database that will store urls found in a mini search engine program. The idea seems simple but after creating my tables ( oh I am using SQL server management studio express 2005 with I had lots of problems and am resorting to going back to the basic design and not coding on the fly.
    I need to store the search items entered with a unique key. Basically for each search item there will be many posts and many urls. But for each url, there can also be many posts.
    I need to store the data in a searchItem table, post table and url table. This is what I have thus far;

    table urls
    urlId int Unchecked
    queryId int Unchecked
    postId int Unchecked
    url varchar(450) Checked

    table posts
    postId int Unchecked
    queryId int Unchecked
    urlId int Unchecked
    postLink varchar(450) Checked
    date varchar(50) Checked

    table searchitems
    queryId int Unchecked
    searchItem varchar(50) Checked

    Any ideas really appreciated. I must be really dumb not to be able to figure this out.

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    Try a prototyping tool first

    I think you should try a prototyping tool first to define your table structure and put in some sample data before you start worrying about code. There are quite a few free ones around.
    code free application environments

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