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    Exclamation Unanswered: Unable to determine upgrade is successful and database cannot start up properly

    i was patching my database from 11.0.6 to 11.0.7 using GridApp application. There was an error in upgrading the catalog database. i encountered the same problem before, that is to patch 7272646. I did this manually and this worked.
    so i tried to upgrade the Oracle database again. i have to "alter database upgrade". There was no option to re-run the database upgrade again (I assumed the catalog upgrade has no issue)

    After which I patch the PSU. I forgot to run the PSU conflict check.

    now the database seems to have screwed up somewhere. it cant startup properly. I have to always re-run the alter database upgrade which doesn’t solve the problem

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    anyone has any idea?

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    In the future please provide fewer details to make solving the mystery more challenging.

    >now the database seems to have screwed up somewhere.
    I don't recognize the above Oracle error code/message.
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    isn't the patch # 6890831??

    you don't give us much information like OS, OS version/level, whether the binary upgrade worked successfully, whether you patched the binaries or made a new oracle home for, is this single node or RAC, etc.
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