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    Unanswered: MS 2007 Access

    Can anyone tell me if a split 2007 database is faster that the 2003 version?

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    I couldn't say regarding speed but...

    I would bet that a 2007 database would use up more memory than a 2003 database (since microsoft tends to "bloat" memory with each upgrade.) (front-end) File Size will probably also be bigger. I can't say for sure though since I've only used 2007 a very little. I'm just going by passed trends of version upgrades (each new version tends to use more memory).

    I vaguely recall with version 2000 MSAccess changed the way it saved the coding in forms which caused larger file sizes.
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    Spending about 10 to 12 hours a day on this and half a dozen other Access forums/newsgroups, in the past four years since I was disabled and forced to retire, I can tell you that the single biggest complaint I see about Access 2007, in any configuration, is how much slower it runs than previous versions! Most of these complaints come from people running apps that were developed in previous versions and wonder why they run so much slower in 2007. The sad thing is that I've never even seen a single suggestion as to what can be done to alleviate the problem! Sorry!
    Hope this helps!

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    my experience is not seeing any speed difference per se...

    I would not expect it to be faster however as the underlying concept of an sql query deriving a record set does not change in the fundamental sense...

    I feel there are too many variables in most real world situations; I have an 03 PC and an 07 PC side by side and many Access apps end up in mixed 03/07 enviroments and so I develop it in 03 but run in both. I see no difference; but then no network is involved. Plus the 07 is on Vista where the 03 is on XP.

    If the genesis of this question is that you are looking at speeding up an Access application and are wondering if the path is to move it to 07 - - then the answer is surely no - that isn't the solution. One must looke at network, server, and efficient design primarily.

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