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    Unanswered: Issues with stored procedure through ODBC


    I am running a SQL stored procedure that has been written by someone else for me and if I run it through SQL Query Analyzer is works fine but when I run it through my program via a ODBC it doesn't return a value it just returns the number of rows affected.

    The strange thing is that if I run a stored procedure which doesn't pass any variables it returns the value no problem.

    I have tried running the procedure using ODBCView and I get the same result.

    I know there isn't much info here but just wondered if anyone else had come across this issue.

    Below is the command I use to call the procedure:

    EXEC [RPA].[dbo].[getPdfFilenameNo] '12345', 'jamesisa'

    The procedure does a select and then updates if this helps?

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    now you've got two identical threads in the same forum

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