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    Unanswered: Form with foreign keys

    I'm using Access 2007 and this is one of the tables my noob database has:

    Customer (a company):
    CustomerID - counter
    Company name - text
    Customer Group - number (foreign key)
    Customer Type - number (fk)
    Zip code - text (fk)
    Adress - text
    SellerID - number (fk)

    My form for registering a new customer needs everything in the table but the ID counter. But only two of the fields are to be manually filled, while the 4 foreign key fields should have a list of options based on the stuff that's been registered in those tables, such as the Customer Type.

    Right now I just get Customer Type - value in the form field which is useless, that goes for the other FK fields as well. Also, Seller has 2 fields, First Name and Last Name, they should obviously be together for the purpose of selecting a Seller assigned to the Customer.
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    By coincidence, someone has a remarkably similar issue here:

    Form with foreign keys - Access World Forums

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    That would be me. Been stuck for hours and hours so I'd like to recruit as much talent as possible.

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