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    Unanswered: How to extract a single file from a tar file

    Hello Dear,

    I have a tar file that contains huge number of files with huge file sizes. I don't want to extract all the files becoz of disk space issue . I want to retrieve a single file from it .

    can any one tell me how to get that particular file say the file name is abc_pqr_xyz.une

    I want a single command that gets the file required .

    note:- assume that file extracted to be placed in the same directory of tar.

    Appreciate your quick reply


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    just specify the path and filename as it is in the tar file
    If not shure about path name
    tar tvf thetarfile | grep abc_pqr_xyz.une

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    This is also one of the ways to extract a particular file from tar

    $tar -xvf <TarFileName> <FileNameToBeExtracted>

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