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    Unanswered: Access locks up when linking to a text file

    I am stumped. I am using office 2003 on windows XP.

    I am trying to link a tab delimited text file to access but access locks up when it tries to read the field headings. No error messages, no nothing, the windows task manager says access is trying to do something but who knows what. I thought it was the current access database that I was working on so I tried to create a new database but the same thing happend.

    I don't think its the text file because when I import it into excel there is no problem, other than the error message that excel can not load the entire file because it has nearly a million records, which is why I need access. I tried using the field headings and a couple records from excel as a new text file and access can link to that text file fine. I closed access and excel, renamed the original file I was trying to link to the file I created by using the excel field headings and it works fine now.

    This work around works but I am really curious as to why access will not link to the file without having to use excel.

    Any ideas?
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    Not sure if this applies but limits on Access tables are in terms of the total size (in bytes) of the table ... not on a record count. In Access 2K or above, the limit is 2 GB for the whole database and 1 GB for a single table.

    Just a thought when you said you have millions of records.
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    With this latest project I am pushing the 2GB limit of access. The file I had problems linking was only 650GB.

    I am not sure about the 1GB per table limitation. Another file that I had to work today with was 19.3 million records and 1.3GB. Access handled it fine.

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    try importing it into Access rather than linking to it...

    also note that their is a width limitation - of 2000 byte width to a if there are alot of fields - and those fields are large i.e. all 255 character - - you could potentially have a width problem; this is easily solved by chopping in two with a cross referencing field - - at least it is easy using excel...maybe not so easy with a text file...

    also be sure there is no garbage before/after the data in the text miscellaneous characters, line returns etc...start with a very clean file. I would start with a trial import of just 100 records as you are assuming it is the size that is the problem and it could be something else.....

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