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    Question Unanswered: Replacing parameters in DTS ExecuteProcessTask

    I'm having hard time executing Win32 process with "E(xecute) P(rocess) T(ask)" in my DTS package since it does not allow dynamically setting the parameters property. Is there a way (VB Script in Active Script Task) to modify the parameters for the EPT programmaticaly. A way to identify the task within the package, modify its "parameters" property and after all that, based on "On sucess" workflow precedence, run the modified task?

    Running the same Win32 process with xp_cmdshell in "Execute Sql Task" does not produce the required results. I'm trying to send an email with attachment using sendemail.exe cmd application and everything is ok, but mail never comes to the intended recipient. Using the same xp_cmdshell from the QueryAnalyzer works fine.

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    I had the same problem, check AV on that machine, for port 25 blocking or mass email blocking. The DTS package will use the environment of the SQL server, not the client.

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