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    Question Unanswered: Query about database partitioning


    I am working on a benchmarking project involving OLTP transactions on DB2 9.7.We'll be testing performance of DB2 on 500 million customer accounts with a minimum target of 10000 transactions per second.We'll have 4 database servers (AIX),8 application servers(HP) and 2 servers to generate transactions.The size of database would be approx. 16 TB.
    I have to implement something similar to RAC of oracle ensuring high performance (because this project is mainly DB2 vs oracle type of project and personally I want db2 to outstand in this testing ).Please suggest me which kind of database partitioning I should implement a) multi partition (shared nothing architecture) or b) clustered configuration (where storage where database is stored is shared amongst all partitions).Performance wise which one would be better?

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    Thanks in advance.
    Shuchi Mishra
    DB2 9 certified DBA for LUW

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    Study cases like this: Transaction Processing Performance Council
    It shows the IBM approach.

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    what do you mean by "b) cluster configuration)"?
    A "big Iron" with logical partitions? Partitioning in DB2 always is shared nothing.

    Lately DB2 PurScale (IBM - DB2 pureScale Feature) was announced. That's something like a Oracle RAC. PureScale is derived from the Mainframe (DataCouplingFacility and the other stuff).

    Good Luck with the Benchmark! Sounds very intresting.

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