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    Unanswered: Change instance owner id ?


    Running db2 v9.5 on AIX6.1 box.
    I need to change db2 owner id.

    So I asume I must change id and permissions on all db2 files.
    Do I need some aditional actions ?
    Or maybe there are some utilities made for this purpose ?


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    I have changed IDs for DB2 users on Linux several months ago and got no problem at all. I just did
    the following:
    # log in with db2inst1 user and execute the following commands
    db2stop force
    # if you have DB2 admin server running, then log in with dasusr1 and execute the following commands
    db2admin stop
    # log in with root user and execute the following commands
    gawk -F: '{print $3, $1}' /etc/passwd | sort -n   # Check IDs, you have to set new ID to some value that is not already assigned.
    usermod -u 999 db2inst1
    usermod -u 998 dasusr1
    usermod -u 997 db2fenc1
    That is all you have to do! (You also need to start DB2 server and DB2 admin server if required).

    You don't need to change any files permissions because there are not ID dependent, but user_name dependent. Since you haven't change user_name no need of changing file permissions.

    I haven't tested this on Unix, just assume it is the same as on Linux. I suggest you test this on test system before doing some change on production environment.
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