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    Unanswered: log shipping, Replication, CDC Software

    Hi all,

    i have a question.

    we have 2 sql server 2005 DB's in different countries.
    One of them is production server, second is preparing for data warehouse.

    what is the best way to get data from prod to dw?
    log shipping, replicating, 3rd party cdc software.


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    If your data warehousing is for only for reporting purpose then you go for logshipping with standby option.

    logshipping - your users get disconnected as and when logs are applied on secondary. you wont be able to apply the changes on primary.

    Replication-Replication is used mainly when data centers are distributed geographically. It is used to replicate data from local servers to the main server in the central data center. Important thing to note here is, there are no standby servers. The publisher & subscriber both are active.
    A typical scenario involves syncing local / regional lookup servers for better performance with the main server in data center periodically, or sync with a remote site for disaster recovery.

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