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    New memer needs help from people working in the databse field.


    Let me introduce myself first. My name is Alex Cunningham. I am currently unemployed and live in California. I am applying for a benefits program thru EDD call WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Thru this program I can get training in select fields. The field I was interested in was DBA. That being said, I have a legitimate desire to get training and work in the data basing field.

    I need some help. I have been wracking my brain to figure out how I am to complete the application packet to get my training award and start classes.

    The way you can help is 2 ways.
    1. I have to interview 2 more people who work in the field I am seeking training. Its a simple 10 question survey on your job and what you think about it. I have already questioned one of my friends who works in the field, it only took about 15 min.

    2. This is the part that I really need help with. I have to interview 3 Employers... I have tried to contact Oracle, Microsoft, DB2, ect ect with no luck. I figure the best way for me to contact an employer is to ask on a DB forum. The interview is a simple 11 question survey asking about what kind of people you are looking to hire and what kind of positions you have in your company. This can be completed by owners or a management position at a company that uses databases.

    I can complete both these surveys over the internet on this forum or over e-mail. Please if you could help me out and get me started training for a career in the database field message me on this forum or e-mail me at

    Thank You for your time,
    Alex Cunningham

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    No help out there... I only need 15-20 min of your time. I can e-mail it or use this forum to complete the interview.

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