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    Unanswered: Stop DDL logging in DB/2 7.1 on zOS

    As part of a decommissioning process, I'm preparing to drop 50,000 plus tables from a DB/2 7.1 database running on zOS. This system is old enough that I suspect the documenation is on clay tablets somewhere.

    One of the developers that has been here since the dawn of time insists that a prior DBA had a majik incantation (JCL, SPUFI, ZPARMS, etc) to suspend DB2 logging of schema changes while leaving the subsystem running. This isn't data logging like when you load data, it is DDL driven schema changes.

    I've never even heard anyone discuss the possibility of such a thing. Turning off logging is bad medicine in my book. I've also checked with a much more experienced zOS DB/2 consultant, and he's never heard of anything like this either.

    Can anyone give me a hint where I should look for such a thing? A URL would be fabulous, but at the moment I've got nothing so anything at all would be appreciated!

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    DDL changes result in regular data changes - just on the DB2 catalog tables. I don't think you can turn off logging for that.
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