On Windows, I've only ever chose the "migrate existing version" option on the install. We have a large window warehouse that we don't want down long and I want to be able to back it out early. So, I'd like to do this more like an AIX install. Install 9.1 as a "new copy" and then migrate the instance and then migrate the das (then migrate db's). So, using 8.2's command line, I stop the db2 instance. I then switch over to 9.1's bin directories. when I issue the db2imigri db2 command, it complains about schema's called sysstat, syscat, and sysfun and won't do the migrate. I can run the chkmig command and it says the databases can be migrated. I assume that when you "migrate as you install", the db2 scripts get you past this somehow. Manually, how do you get past it? Thanks, Jeff